Aims and Objectives

  • To promote friendship and the exchange of ideas among teachers.

  • To promote and carry on activities calculated to raise the standard of dancing and dance teachers.

  • To encourage and maintain a high standard of business ethics among dance teachers and to prevent false and misleading advertising and publicity.


 CDTA respects and cherishes the legacy left to us from the classical traditions of the great masters of the past. The CDTA syllabus was developed utilizing training techniques from all methods of ballet.  Examinations on this syllabus are offered to students of CDTA members.


CDTA Ballroom has two categories: International Latin and International Ballroom.  The syllabus is based on “The Technique of Latin American Dancing” published by the ISTD and “The Revised Technique” by Alex Moore.  Membership is available in the levels of PreAssociate (student teacher), Associate, Licentiate and Fellow.  Amateur medal tests may be arranged for students of CDTA members.



The Stage Division is comprised of three dance disciplines in our branch:


a) Jazz

Jazz thrives in our society today.  The CDTA syllabus is an intensive program of technique for teachers to work with for the overall development of their students.  The examinations are well rounded and extremely beneficial for teachers and students alike.


b) Tap

The CDTA counting technique is beneficial to the overall development of the teacher and student.  The use of rhythms, choice of music and the knowledge of history is taught and examined by the CDTA syllabus.

c) Acro

The philosophy is not to be like gymnastics in style but to remain true to the form as witnessed throughout the history of acrobatics.


Based on the principles of Graham, Cunningham and Limon techniques. 





  • We shall act as ambassadors of a professional association, establish a foundation of truth and integrity in all words and deeds.

  • We shall strive to improve the techniques for teaching all types of dance as modified or revised in accordance with the progress of dance education.

  • We shall give to our teachers and students the utmost measure of our knowledge in teaching the art of dance.

  • We shall be bound by the necessity of constant study, knowing that dance is a living art.

  • We shall hold our profession and those within our profession with the highest respect keeping the high ideals of fair play in all business practices.

  • We shall condemn the use of misleading base statements in all advertising media as unethical practices.

  • We shall condemn flagrant solicitation of another teacher’s pupils as unethical practice.

  • We shall further condemn unethical practices that degrade the dignity of the dance teaching profession.

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