Membership Classifications

  1.  Pre-Associate Member - Teacher in training must, within two years, pass a qualifying examination. An explanation in writing must be submitted with a request for an extension.

  2. Associate Member - From 18 years of age having passed the Associate examination required by the Branch to which the applicatition has been made.

  3. Licentiate (Member) - From 21 years of age having not less than 2 years teaching experience and having passed th required Teacher's examination, according to the requirements of the Branch.

  4.  Fellow - Must have been a full member for not less than 3 years (some divisions require an examination).

  5.  Patron - Friend of the Organization

Executive Members

President – Melissa Wallace

Past President – Wendy Spicer

Vice President – Desirae Graham

Secretary – Pat Gabel-Yablonski

Treasurer – Joyce Frohlick

Membership Secretary – Paulette Puetz

Stage Chairperson – Deanna Schienbein

Ballet Chairperson – Shauna Bzdel

Modern Chairperson – Barbara Miller

Chairperson of the Stage Examiners – Jacquie Huck

Chairperson of Ballet Examiners – Lorie-Gay Drewitz-Gallaway

Dance Jam Co-ordinator – Jenna Trawin

Exam Co-ordinator – Melody-Lynn Drewitz-Van Veen

Members at Large

Shayna Glass

Renee Skeoch

Sharla Davidson-Girardin

Dana Mutimer

Tammy Bhimji

Jenny Maczek-Mauvieux

Examiners - Stage

Lorie-Gay Drewitz-Gallaway

Melody Lynn Drewitz-Van Veen

Jacquie Huck

Maureen Johnson

Gillian Horn

Paulette Puetz

Eloise Sitter

Renee Skeoch

Cheryl Tweet

Nicole Rhiel

Examiners - Ballet

Lorie-Gay Drewitz-Gallaway

Paulette Puetz

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